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HOTH Brothers Band. "Tell Me How You Feel" CD

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HOTH Brothers Band. New Album. "Tell Me How You Feel"

““How are you feeling?”” What are you thinking? “How is this affecting you?” “How can we get through this together? “ This is some of the dialogue that begins early in HOTH’s new record.

In this current world of deep uncertainty we feel paralyzed and it is hard to press forward. It is good for the scared child in us to hear these questions. Pandemic raging, mad men undermining our democracy. The age of disinformation and algorithms distorting reality. It's enough to send you into your bunker. Well instead of disappearing HOTH Brothers Band went into the studio and recorded a 17 song album.

In HOTH’s second record “Tell Me How You Feel” things get a little tighter and the voices seem a little louder. The songs stand on their own but are somehow cosmically linked within this new release. Climb out of your bunker and hit play!

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